indigènes courtisan couture


Being aware of the conditions of this indigenous population,Courtisan Couture, made the choice to support them. The community we decided to help is the tzotzil  living on the hills of San Cristobal in the state of Chiapas in Mexico. Because of living in a wild and high area, they can’t have access to the prime ressources for surviving. There village is located around the wood, and is not well developped, there is no road, no school, and just a little clinic.

Even if Chiapas is one of the most important state that counts indigenous people, the government can’t afford the well-being of those populations, because it is also the poorest state of the country.

Moreover, this precarious situation is a vicious circle for the tzotzil natives. Because they can not speak the official language of Mexico (spanish language), and because they don’t have school and can’t have education, they can’t trade with others. That’s why they don’t get enough ressources to improve their quality of life and their development. 


The tzotzil natives will not succeed to get rid of this bad situation without any support and help.


The goal is to teach them spanish language, bring them a good education, build schools, and provide roads to make the access easier to their village.


In our case, Courtisan Couture made the choice to support them economically. We go to their village to meet them and notice how the situation is changing. During these trips, we grave donation to the leader of the community and we give them contacts to make those people capable to sell their products and trade with others.

For Courtisan Couture, it is very important to use a part of our ressources to support the development of these communities, which are left alone by their government. It is also very beneficial for these indigenous people to have people promoting them and their beautiful culture.

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