Why creating a brand of leather goods?

Everything started during a trip to Mexico, where wanting to purchase a wallet for men, we discovered their offer of wallets made of crocodile skin leather.
After analyzing carefully their products, we realized that the quality was poor,even if the price was way lower than expected.

After our return to France, we started to investigate the market of exotic leather goods to have a better idea of what was the exact offer. On one hand, we could find some brands selling poor quality goods but for a cheap price (as it was the case for those who found in Mexico). On the other hand were shining those famous brands sold in France, proposing perfectly executed goods, but for a price only the richest customers could afford.

Consequently, we reached the conclusion that creating our own brand could initiate that needed alternative. We would then propose a new offer consisting of high quality products sold for a fair price.

To fulfil our purpose, we decided firslty to work with the same experts than those luxurious brands, and secondly, we accepted to lower our profits compared to other brands to be able to maintain an affordable price.


What kind of market do you target?

Courtisan Couture is clearly playing with the big boys within the luxurious market. Even if we decided to optimize our costs to make the prices more affordable, our products are pieces of art made with rare and expensive materials, exactly as it is the case for its famous oponents in Paris.


What is the purpose of Courtisan Couture?

Our purpose is pretty simple and can be summarized in few words: more quality and less quantity.

As we mentioned previously, Courtisan Couture was creating to extend luxury to more people. We believe that it shouldn’t be needed to be a bilionnaire or a celebrity to buy luxurious goods. Thus, we did the most effort optimizing the prices by lowering our profits. Our collections are made in small series, which creates a sense of exclusivity. The time everybody was copying each other owning the same things is now over. It is the time to express its own ingularity and uniqueness.

As for the material used to make our collections, the exotic skins, we insist on getting supplied exclusively from breeding farms certified by the Convention of Washington. In other words, the process applied to produce our skins respects the ethical values of farming, which contributes to reduce the poaching and the cruelty that can be usually witnessed in some breeding farms.


Do you have any other kinds of talents in art?

Besides the fact we always try to combine our artistic spirit and originality to create unique products, we aim to inspire people through our communication and advertising .

Indeed, we make luxury products, but we believe that our brand should not stick to that too serious image people usually attribute to luxury, but rather breaks it with a touch of humour.

Hence, we have chosen to use digital art to serve our cause and use our skill to create some artworks mixing characters from classical paintings and modern sceneries.

Other than advertising our products, our goal is also to convey a feeling and entertain our customers.

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